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Addin Studio

1st Iteration

  • Create a design surface to generate UI element shells based on selections driven by a PropertyGrid. These types would be importable into the generic addin framework using ComponentModel.Composition. In other works, the addin studio would generate a DLL that would be dropped into the same directory as the generic addin framework. When the generic addin framework loads it will create a UI host with the imported user control. User control functionality will still be manually developed.

2nd Iteration

  • Introduce a work-flow system to addin studio. The user would use the design surface to design a UI element along with Buttons, TextBoxes, etc. UI element members (Methods, Fields, Properties) would be generated from the work-flow. The work-flow would consist of dropping in functionality exposed by the SolidWorks Interop types. See PowerWF for the idea.



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